Hello world!

Hello, is this thing on?

I’m Hewrin, a really new web developer (as in today is my 8th day on the job) currently specializing in Ruby on Rails. Specializing in this case doesn’t mean I’m good at it, It means I ONLY know RoR.

I wasn’t always a web developer, I previously was a research assistant in the Electrical Engineering Department doing research in Molecular Modelling. Obviously that wasn’t challenging enough for me, so I switched to web development by going through an exhaustive 9 week boot camp.

I wished I could say I’m an absolute genius that learns things fast and then simplifies things into easily consumed bite-sized chunks for people to easily consume like an over-efficient sandwich maker ,but I don’t think that’s a skill people are born with.

So bear with me while I trek through this obscure jungle called web development. It might be rough going at first, but I’ll try to make it fun


Who knows? One day I might even be able to upload image files properly


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