Bootcamp style learning

As I said in le previous post, I went through a tough as nails hard as hell only the strong survive the weak were killed really intensive and immersive Coding Bootcamp before I had the cojones to actually become a web developer. Before that I actually applied for actual web development jobs where my only “programming” experience was “have read How to Think Like a Computer Scientist” (That’s a story for another time)

Anyway, this coding bootcamp, which I will call Code Division (cause that’s its name) was a 9 week (more or less) course focusing on Ruby on Rails. Although to be honest we didn’t actually begin learning Rails until the 7th week.  We started of with pure Ruby and object-oriented Ruby in the first two weeks. Then we learned about databases and how to use Active Record in week 3 and 4. Finally in week 5 and 6 we did some front-end (javascript) and finally practiced making some web apps.


Something I really like about this boot camp was the absolute “Learn by Doing” approach. On the very first day they marched us to the computers, told us to partner up and begin doing the challenges immediately. The mentors advised us to “read up on what you did when you get back” , advice that I sadly followed only a few weeks into the course

# Tip 1 : In a boot camp, if people calling themselves mentors give advice, LISTEN

I did notice though that what I read just stuck better in my head after doing programming challenges all day. Its kinda like this concept I read in a book called “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware“. This book tells us to always consider the context. Since everything is interconnected, it helps to have an overall view of everything before learning things in greater detail. This is exactly what happened in the boot camp, at night I’d read some documentation and know exactly what they were talking about. That kind of thing doesn’t happen to me often, usually if I find something I don’t understand I’ll  either

1) Skip it

2) Go on a Google Spree

Both cases usually end up with me reading about “Why language ABC is the new must learn language” posts.


So I know that you have to “Learn by Doing” and that “Reading is Fundamental”. Apparently both ways are required. I’m pretty sure plenty of people have tried to insert this concept into my thick skull but it seems it took a 9 week boot camp to really get the lesson to sink in. Which in the long run is a lot more valuable than learning a web programming framework.


P/S I’ll add more pictures when I figure out how to do them properly


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