Sorting Algorithm

Today I learned a sorting algorithm, this program takes a list of words and sorts them according to how they would appear in a dictionary.
So first of all, there is an array unsorted, this contains all the unsorted words.
Next we take out one word (called smallest) from the array and use a do method to compare it with all the other words in the unsorted array. (in this case called tested_object)
If the tested_object is smaller than the smallest, then the smallest  is placed into another array.  still_unsorted array. and the tested_object  becomes the new smallest
If the tested_object  is larger than the smallest, than the tested_object is placed in the still_unsorted  array 
Because we iterate through the entire unsorted  array, the last smallest remaining will actually be the “smallest” (this means it will appear first in the dictionary)
We than use recursion by using the same method  as above only this time we use still_unsorted instead of sorted
Below is an example code (taken from Learning to Program Ed.2)
def recursion_array(unsorted sorted)
    smallest = sorted.pop
    still_unsorted = []
    unsorted.each do |tested_object|
    if tested_object < smallest
        still_unsorted push smallest
        smallest = tested_object
        still_unsorted.push tested_object
sorted.push smallest
recursion_array(still_unsorted sorted)
   This is an example of recursion, which is the act of cursing over and over, which means the program is calling a method repeatedly, but each method call brings the loop closer to the answer/intended output/solution.
I know this has been wildly exciting, stay tuned as I delve into even more exciting algorithms, and maybe one day even be able to publish code in a semi-decent way.

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