Reflections after almost nearly 2 months

Hello there!

After I obviously ran out of whatever juice made me create this blog in the first place, I’m back for another crack at this. I haven’t been ignoring this blog just due to laziness, I’ve been really busy. Working two jobs while also trying to do a freelance project takes a surprising large amount of your time.

Having said that, I haven’t forgot this blog entirely, all this while the Idea Monkey in my head has been mostly chucking bananas and poop at my brain  diligently taking notes in my head. Every once in a while he’ll think of something worth jotting down. Sadly, I never had the time to jot anything down, so I’ll just make things up here, in no particular order

  1.  I noticed my “lack of time” usually came from wasting it. When I look back at the end of the day, cursing the world and life in general because I got so little done, it was usually cause I wasted it on Youtube or blogs. Usually both at the same time. Having League of Legends installed on your computer really doesn’t help either. I read a book called The Power of Habits which says that a habit is something we do without thinking after receiving a certain cue, the thing we do often comes with a “reward” which will then reinforce this habit . An example would be Get Hungry (cue) —–> Eat Cookie (habit we do) ——> Mmmm,Cookie good! (Reward). I think my cue starts when I want to begin work, my habit is doing anything but work, and my “reward” is shame and regret. I’m positive there is a way around this. (There is, its written in the Power of Habits book. Like most things worthwhile, its Simple but not Easy.)
  2. Number 2 is related to my programming misadventures, but it’ll probably apply to other things too. I noticed I was often so hesitant to start a new feature at work. I’m not sure if its a comfort zone thing or I’m just dull. When I want to begin anything I’ll stare at it for what feels like hours, reading the same documentation over and over again. I was positive I’ve overcome this bad habit in the Code Division bootcamp. I was taught to always try things and see how it goes. And every single time, I’ll try things and it magically turns out OK……eventually, after lots of debugging.
  3. I read a bit in the “Pragmatic Programmer” about defensive programming. I think I read this book to early. As I didnt understand more than half of what was written. I’ll probably need to read it again soon. One thing that stuck to me was the concept of defensive programming, where you don’t trust yourself to not make mistakes. And so you code defensively. Coding defensively would have really helped me when I pushed the app I built into production. It probably wouldn’t have solved all the bugs, but I’m sure it would have caught at least some of them. Another important thing would probably be creating a glossary. That would really be helpful when talking with clients. I guess sometimes I get to caught up coding the app that I forget that other people don’t know much about the greasy innards of my code. I guess its a Curse of Knowledge thing.


Well, this took longer than I thought. (see “Wasting Time” in point number 1) It’s getting really late on my side of the globe so I bid you all good night!



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